Dream Catcher Ranch


Dam/Full Sister

Pedigree Info (Stormy Dream Catcher): 
-Stormy is sired by Argentarius: Sire to 2012 South African Appaloosa Horse of the Year, Storm Runner  
-Argentarius is sired by Dreamfinder (ApHC Hall of Fame) 1989 World Champion Get of Sire, 1991 World Champion Get of Sire, National & World Champion, Multiple National & World Champion producer
-Dreamfinder (ApHC Hall of Fame)
-Preference (Reserve Nat Ch)
-Goer (ApHC Hall of Fame)
-Bandido: World Champion Sire, National Champion Sire, Bronze Medallion Sire, ROM sire
-Prince Plaudit (ApHC Hall of Fame)
-Joker B (ApHC Hall of Fame)
-Jokers Monte: USA National Champion Junior Reining Horse Australian National Champion Texas; ApHC Champion ROMs in Roping, Reining, Halter & Pleasure; National Champion Sire, Medallion Sire, & ROM Sire
-Red Plaudit: Halter Champion, Sire of World & National Champions, Earned Bronze Production Plaque
-Squaw King: halter ch. rom-perf.{cutting} NCHA money-earner, ROM Perf Offspr, NRHA Money-earners-Offspr, NCHA Money Earners-Offpsr and Halter Pt Earners-offspr
-Silky Fox: AQHA Champion, ROM Halter, ROM Performance, 1970 High Point Steer, Roping-5th, World Champion Sire, Reserve World Champion Sire, Supreme Champion Sire, Superior Halter Sire, Superior Performance Sire

Her Foals

Stormy Dream Catcher

2008 Buckskin near Fewspot Appaloosa Mare

Argentarius x A Sailors Delight


2016 Filly: Mighty Storm DCR (Appaloosa) *SOLD
2015 Colt: Intense Storm DCR (Araloosa)
*Available to show home as a gelding
2014 Filly: Apache Diamonds DCR (bay blanket Araloosa)

2013 Filly: Apache Rose DCR (buckskin leopard Araloosa) *Sold

She is an absolutely outstanding mare in every way. Her 2015 colt is a rockstar - born 8 May. She has a born broke disposition. Built like a tank but with far reaching movement. She's 2nd in command in the herd. The first time I ever saddled and bridled her, she took to it so well, we rode her around 30 acres the 1st day. 
Takes shots no issues. Fine with dewormer. Ties with no issues.
Loves being groomed and bathed (don't need to tie her for this, she will come find you). Loves fly spray - knows what it's for and appreciates you smacking flies off her.
Good for picking her feet and farrier.
Not ear or nose shy. 
You can smack her on the butt and she thinks your swatting flies (appreciates it). 
She has big boned canons and big solid hooves though they do tend to have thin walls but she's never had a hoof problem. 
She does pop alittle when she moves out (feel free to have her examined at your expense) - she's never had a soundness issue. 
She does have a couple scars on a couple pasterns from her junior years. Again no major scar tissue or soundness issues.
No Impressive in her pedigree - tested for PSSM1, GBED, and HERDA and Neg for all. Not tested for MH (being cheap).
She loads and rides great and will walk out front ways fine but doesn't like backing out of a step down trailer (just won't do it). 
She ultrasounds with no issues, foals fine (prefers the company of people when she foals), no aggressiveness towards people, is a great mom. 
She is an easy keeper - low maintenance mare.