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Rose Victory VS

1999 Grey Arabian Mare

Sir Victor x KG Jubilee Rose 

Not currently broke to ride.  Has not been bred to date due to no fault of her own.  Cycles regularly.  ~14.3hh


Video: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10150955387653686&set=vb.777848685&type=3&theater

Pedigree Info: 
Sir Victor [Gay-Rouge x Gai Gay Victory (Shar Mar Ferzay x Gaffi)] x KG Jubilee Rose [Gamaar x AF Mi Illusion (Garis x Gazaa)]
-Linebred Raffles and Ferzon; also includes Witez II, Imaraff, and Gazon w/in 5 generations.

-Gamaar: His daughters Gay Rose Gal, Gamaars-Melba and Raydells Madurai appear on the ARABIAN HORSE WORLD’s Aristocrats list of mares having 4 or more champion get with 10, 6 and 4 champions respectively. Thirteen Gamaar get have been National winners and include Baymaar, Tigaar and TWO Reserve National Champions, Zamaar and El Lamaar.
-Garis is a maternal sibling to Gaffii. Garis is a paternal sibling to Gamaar.
-Gaffi: http://crabbet.com/gaffi/
-"Don and Alverna, “Shorty” Boggs were small Arabian horse breeders from Minnesota. They began raising purebred Arabian horses in 1962 and over the years they worked endlessly to develop and refine their breeding program. Their goal was to breed Arabian horses with extreme type and quality; the plan was to line breed horses of Ferzon and Witez II bloodlines including the brothers Garis (Niga x Galatina by Ferzon out of Kama), Gamaar (Niga x Gay-Rose by Ferzon out of Gali-Rose) and G-Amigo (Niga x Ga-Rageyma by Ferzon out of Gajala). Don and Shorty bought Garis in 1970 and he would prove to have the biggest influence on their early breeding program and long into the future. Garis sired approximately 374 offspring. Among his daughters was Alove Letter, out of El-Le-Lou by Gamaar out of El Louisa a mare that traces back to some of the earliest Egyptian blood to be found. Alove Letter, foaled in 1978, was bred by Casey Brantner and purchased in 1980 by Dona and Shorty. The mare produced six offspring for the Boggs family before she was sold in 1989. Alove Letter produced eight daughters including Inherited Love, 1984, by the Farazdac son HH Heritage; Musks Angel Eyes, 1985, by the Muscat son Sir Musk and SS Heartbreaker, 1988, by the El Shaklan son, Sharem El Sheikh, each of these mares have contributed immensely to the Arabian horse industry. Inherited Love and SS Heartbreaker went on to grace other breeding programs, SS Heartbreaker produced 9 foals including National Champion and Reserve National Champion Psygon, by Padrons Psyche, but Musks Angel Eyes never left the Boggs family." (http://www.bobboggs.com/about/)
-Shar Mar Ferzay: (Ferzon x Lewisfield Magnolia)
-Niga: (Nitez x Galena), http://www.arabs-iowa.com/AFH-Niga.htm; "Galena had just three registered offspring, and Niga is her only son. Her daughters were champion producers and have had considerable influence of their own (U.S. National Champion Stallion Eternety, a sire of National Champions in halter and performance, is descended in tail female from the Galena daughter Gaygal)." (http://www.arabs-iowa.com/AFH-Galena.htm)
-Gay-Rouge: (Azraff x Gay-Rose)
-Raffles: http://crabbet.com/raffles-the-little-giant/
-Azraff - Ferzon: http://crabbet.com/the-azraff-ferzon-connection/
-Skowronek: http://crabbet.com/skowronek/