Companion Horses / Retirees / Adoptees

Available for adoption.  Free to approved home.  Companion only.  Easy keeper.  Easy to handle.  Or if you would like to donate to her retirement care, feel free to use the paypal button and request an invoice from the following email address.  This mare was part of herd dispersal.  She was sent to me by a friend.  If you like to donate towards the cost of her transport and/or feed costs - it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

1987 Bay Arabian Mare; Arrived Nov '14

Khemosabi x Serafix/Fadjur granddaughter

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Our Geldings

-2005 Araloosa (Arabian/Appaloosa),  

Aheart Agold (King Ahearts x Mistys Sierra Gold)

​Owned since 2006

-2007 Arabian 

Tiberius BP (Pfc Trevallon x Jafars Shania)

Owned since 2009


 Dream Catcher Ranch