Dream Catcher Ranch

Night Train EA (AHA) 

DOB: 4 Apr 2013; Legally Intoxicating (bay sabino) x Ebony Jadzia (Noctura Cintar x ASA Tiara Ameera)

Approximately 14.1 to 14.2hh (sire 14.2 or 14.3hh; Dam 14.1hh)


-Adorable head with tippy ears, tons of mane and tail

-Lots of extension in his gaits, smooth

-Good for trims, mostly easy to catch, loves attention, ties, bathes, never worn shoes

-Started under saddle summer 2016 for 2 months - no buck, no rear, stood to be saddled - walk, trot, canter basics - still needed work on transitioning to canter and hadn't worked on leads yet - was setting his head

-Excellent foundation in groundwork and ground manners.

-Have been saddling him a couple times a week and taking him for a walk on the local trail which a 2.75 mile loop (he gets a little spooky but mostly has a level head)

-His siblings are competing and/or training to compete in endurance; he also has a sibling that was sold to a cutting horse program (Top 5 at 2017 Arabian Nationals). Potential for anything you want to do. 

***He is gelded and has been blood tested 2x and found to be well within normal gelding range on one test and just above gelding range on another test.  He can be around geldings no problem. But he does act inappropriate around mares and will pace the fence occasionally. He is not very big and is super easy to handle. Both testicles were descended when he was gelded as a yearling.***

Pedigree includes Dalul, Fadjur, Saud El Ameer.