I Comanche Moonshine

 Dream Catcher Ranch


I Comanche Moonshine - Stallion.  Registered ApHC, Carries a cream gene and a champagne gene, medium size blanket with medium spots, 4 white socks, bald face, 1 blue eye, 1 partial blue/partial hazel eye; is now started under saddle (green broke). Less than 10 rides as of 26 Jun: now has a good whoa/back at the walk and trot, giving well to pressure in turns, understands voice commands, clucking, and leg pressure to go (as well as the crop) - has started on leg yields. He also let us stand straight up on his back w/o flinching or moving an inch. Next is shooting a gun from his back :) Will continue training updates as he improves (price will increase accordingly). Can (and is) be turned out with geldings; in a pen next to another stallion (no issues); easy to handle around mares; puppy dog personality, loves attention, born broke. 

Pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/i+comanche+moonshine