Dream Catcher Ranch

Companion Horses / Retirees

These mares were taken in as part of a herd dispersal.  They are treasures.  They have either produced top get, have outstanding show records themselves, and/or by/out of the most notable horses in the breed.  A friend of mine paid a substantial amount of money to send them to me.  I want to ensure they get only the best.  I would like to pay my friend back as well as ensure these mares are properly cared for the rest of their lives.  I am not a 501c3 and any donations from persons may not be tax deductible as such.  However, I will be completely transparent about all donations for these mares.  If you would like an amount to go for a specific thing, I will ensure it goes to that specific thing.  It is difficult to care for even 1 older horse, but here there are 2.  I could use all the help anyone is willing to give.  Donations will ONLY go towards the care of these 2 mares or specific one that you specify.  No donations would go towards the care of my personal horses or my program.  All donations would be accepted via paypal.  And an invoice could be sent at your discretion.  dreamcatcher.ranch@yahoo.com


1988 Bay Arabian Mare; Arrived Nov '14
Baskhemo x Muscat daughter

1987 Bay Arabian Mare; Arrived Nov '14
Khemosabi x Serafix/Fadjur granddaughter