Dream Catcher Ranch

I I must've had a passion for horses from the time I came upon this Earth - playing with My Little Ponies, Barbie horses, and longing to ride She-Ra's beautiful heroic steed!  I was raised in a city so a drive through beautiful countryside where I'd look at gorgeous horses was a treat that would leave me dreaming for weeks.  I went to church camp just so I could get my first ride on a real horse and it was amazing!  When I was 12 and 13 years old and lived in Arizona, I had access to a simply gorgeous buckskin gelding through my mother's friend that she'd take me trail riding on.  It only made my horse fever worse than it had ever been before.  When I turned 14, I was allowed to help purchase my very first horse!  I narrowed it down to a blanketed palomino Appaloosa gelding or a fire red Arabian mare full of spirit.  Even then, I had a passion for both the dilute Appaloosas and Arabians.  I opted for the fire red Bask Flame daughter.      We boarded her at various facilities and did not necessarily have the money for lessons.  I needed experience, so I groomed and cleaned stalls and did anything I could for lessons and where I was allowed, I always watched other peoples lessons.  I read anything I could get my hands on and experimented endlessly with my mare (poor thing).  At our very first show (an open hunter/jumper show), JA Misty Dream (Misty) and I took 3rd out of 22 in 1 class and 2nd out of just as many in another class.  Misty was an exceptional mare whom I showed in everything from hunter, hunter pace, barrel racing, poles, dressage, trail, show-hack, and halter.  Unfortunately, I went off to college and didn't show her again after that.        While obtaining my Animal Science degree from 1996 to 2000, I also worked at a local boarding stables to keep my skills fresh.  In addition, I worked at the University of Arizona Equine breeding and training facility for 2 years.  I learned some valuable skills at this facility which included sales prepping, artificial insemination, caslick procedures, foaling, training methods, rehabilitation, and a host of other skills.       After graduating from Auburn University and receiving my commission in the United States Marine Corps, I moved to VA to undergo some training.  While there, I had some time to give lessons at a local boarding and training facility on the week-ends.  This training only lasted 6 months before I had to move to NC.  It wasn't long before Sept 11, 2001 happened and my training and deployment schedule became very busy until 2005.  In 2005, I transferred to Fort Sill, OK.  For the several years previous, I had been in search of the perfect breeding stock to start my program.  My dream horse was a dilute Appaloosa/Arabian cross.  I had not been successful in finding the perfect horse yet.       In 2006, I emailed countless breeders describing my perfect horse and finally received a response for a yearling that matched my description perfectly.  Aheart Agold (Gold), buckskin blanketed half-Arabian gelding - a Padron Psyche grandson.  I showed him once as a yearling while I was stationed at Fort Sill, OK at the OK State Fair Arabian Show, where he recieved a reserve champion in halter.  He drew a lot of attention from horse and non-horse spectators at the fair that day.  Many people gathered in the stands to watch him show and were quite impressed by him.          I acquired additional young breeding stock in 2008, the foundation of my breeding program.  I have a passion for exotic Appaloosas and Arabians in a wide variety of disciplines.  In 2012, I medically retired from the Marine Corps and returned to OK.  Although I have produced a couple of foals here and there over the years (mostly due to very busy training and deployment schedules), 2013 was truly my first year producing multiple foals with my foundation stock.  While I did not have the opportunity to pursue my love of horses to the full extent that I wanted while serving my country, I hope to make up for lost time now that I am pursuing a second career.  We would like to make a presence on the show circuit, prove our offspring, and have a grand ole time sharing our horses and experiences with others in this great industry.  Although we are having a bit of bumpy start our first few years, we are confident we will be successful in our endeavors :)