Blu Moon Rizing DCR (ApHC)

I Comanche Moonshine (ApHC, Amber Cream Blanket) x Spotlight MTS (Half-Arab, ApHC Dunalino Blanket)

DOB: 9 Apr '15

Champagne, cream, Spots/Characteristic (Lp)

​25% Arabian - registered ApHC


Half-Sister to 2014 Araloosa filly Gold N Lace DCR

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Intense Storm DCR 

ROL Intencyty (AHA, Black) x Stormy Dream Catcher (ApHC, Buckskin Fewspot)

Small hip blanket/spots, buckskin

World Class Pedigree

​Will be double registered (Half-Arabian, ApHC)

Will be the ONLY Appaloosa ROL Intencyty foal out there!

DOB: 8 May '15

Half-sibling to Apache Rose DCR and Apache Diamonds DCR

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2015 Foals

 Dream Catcher Ranch