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DOB: 4 Apr 2013; Legally Intoxicating (bay sabino) x Ebony Jadzia (Noctura Cintar x ASA Tiara Ameera)

**Now In Training and Under Saddle

Info: This is a black-bay gelding with good substance and adorable head with tippy ears, lots of mane and tail, and excellent performance potential, who moves with excellent extension. His siblings are competing and/or training to compete in endurance; he also has a sibling that was sold to a cutting horse program. This guy would also do well in endurance and/or sporthorse events. 

Pedigree includes Dalul, Fadjur, Saud El Ameer. Mature height ~14.2hh. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire an athletic gelding with a sound mind and body. 

 As of 8 Jul 2016:
Stands fairly quiet for farrier - tends to lean towards the last foot.
Ties, Loads and Trailers pretty good - no big issues, just alittle young horse personality sometimes.
Stands and ties to be saddled for the most part - gets a little ancy sometimes and tries to lean.
Stands to be mounted.
Takes the bridle and bit pretty good -doesn't do a lot of avoiding. Alot more accepting of the bit now than he started out.
Excellent foundation in groundwork and ground manners.
Walks and trots out well. No buck and no rear.
Backing good.
Still getting the hang of the lope/canter - he doesn't buck or crow/hop or run/off, but he'll stay in the trot as long as he's allowed.
Getting the hang of setting his head.
Understands flexing and moving off the leg and sidepassing. 
Still learning turning on the forehand.
Has a good amount of endurance and go and currently requires experienced handler. But a lot of talent in this cute young guy. 
Will stay in training until sold.

His biggest current flaw is he tends to act studdish. He is gelded and has been blood tested once and found to be well within normal gelding range. But he is very into the mares. He can be around geldings no problem. But he does act inappropriate around mares. He is not very big and is super easy to handle. Though he is acting somewhat studdish around mares - he is not full on stud behavior and handling. It is something to be mindful of however as he continues his training. Therefore his price remains low.

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